About Us


I have to capture images. It seems to be  past charge I have to complete.  My images have been published and shown in museums such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art. My clients include BANDUJO, PECO, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia Health Department, Portfolio Associates, Philadelphia Inquirer, Ralston House, Philadelphia Convention and Visitor Bureau, Philadelphia Daily Newspaper,  Philadelphia School District NOTEBOOK, ConEdison Solutions, NCRC,  SEPTA, Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia International Airport. I have a long term project titled "Portraits of Family Caregivers of People with Alzheimer's/dementia. It focuses on family caregivers, the challenges they face living with a person with Alzheimer's disease and the love they share. The Alzheimer's project is in response to my father Raymond W. Holman Sr. dying with  dementia in the summer of 2001. The studio portraits are or were family caregivers. My intention is to bring attention to family caregivers on an international level. 

Committed to the moment.

My moral obligation is to capture the image that tells the story of a particular moment in time.